Mes: octubre 2017

La cólera de Aquiles

Historia de la Humanidad
llena de sangre, venganza,
son los temas desde siempre
junto la guerra, batalla,
mezcla cólera y la rabia
de Homero en esta la Iliada,
hasta peste van y tragan.

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Why Paint ? Why Write ?


You become one, a true Unity of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit, when allowing that unique creativity that is only yours, to flow and reach all corners of your existence. To touch your family, friends, animals, nature, home, colleagues and people in the street. Every single part of your life is awash with your  special originality. And through your work, you can communicate all the knowledge and wisdom of the soul. From the initial thoughts and ideas in the abstract world, to the voice, the action and deed. That is the exact meaning of unity, when all of these contain the same essence. You don´t say something that you don´t think, or do the contrary of what you talk of. There´s a harmony in the way you live, because all is done from and with the Heart. With absolute respect to the principles inherent to all of us, to the whole of Humanity. Those of justice, beauty, goodness, truth, equality and freedom, permanent in time. I Paint and I Write from this space. It is the best way I have found to express myself  and try to touch every single fellow soul. Thank you for reading this and hope you can share it.  Seguir leyendo...

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